ACT responds to the County Commissioners

June 1, 2011 at 6:23 pm Leave a comment

One of our supporters contacted the County Commissioners using our auto-generated email program to let them know they care about the spay/neuter voucher program and want it to continue. Below is an excerpt from the response she received (and you may have received this too):

“Unfortunately there is some misinformation being communicated regarding the current status of the program.  While it is true we have ceased the approval of new applications [emphasis added], surgeries are continuing to be performed and as previously stated, vouchers previously issued to citizens are being honored.   We estimate that after the outstanding vouchers have been redeemed, we will be very close to the aforementioned 7,500 target number for this fiscal year.”

The reason we are contacting the commissioners (and asking you to do so as well) is because of the bolded text above. The have stopped accepting new applications for the voucher program. The commissioners’ argument in this case is that they determined a target number of surgeries to perform each year (7,500) and because they will soon reach that target, they can justify not accepting new applications. This is not okay with us because:

  1. There are still lots more people who need the voucher to get their pets fixed. If they have to wait until next year, (IF and when new applications are accepted again), more litters will be born and put down in the meantime.
  2. There is no guarantee they will ever accept new applications again. The email we received from Hillsborough County Animal Services stated: “there will be no new approvals until further notice.” It also said: “Due to significant budgetary issues faced by county government this [7,500 surgeries per year] may or may not be an attainable goal for the immediate future.”
We want to be sure you know that ACT has not been giving out misinformation. We have not denied that vouchers previously issued are being honored. We simply said no more new vouchers will be issued and the program is in danger of being discontinued.
Please continue to let the commissioners know this is not okay with you.
Thank you for your support.
-ACT Spay/Neuter Clinic (and all of the county’s citizens and their animals who have benefited from the voucher program)

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