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Please help save the Hillsborough County Spay/Neuter Voucher Program

We don’t often reach out to you with urgent requests, but this one is worth your immediate attention. It focuses on the core purpose of why ACT exists.

In 2003, a spay/neuter voucher program was created in Hillsborough County to help people on a limited income get their dogs and cats fixed at a low cost. Because of this program and other efforts to lower pet overpopulation, the number of animals being put down in our community has dropped by 50%. Although that is certainly a reason to celebrate, there are still over 16,000 dogs and cats being put down in our community, simply because there were too many of them. We are not okay with that.

We have recently learned that the low income voucher program has been temporarily discontinued and the funding is at risk of being taken away forever. We are asking for your help to make sure this doesn’t happen.

The direct recipients of these funds were the poor residents of our community (families, elderly, kids). They are the people that have a hard time putting food on their table. Using precious dollars to fix their animals would be unthinkable.

We’re reaching out to you to ask you to help us continue this program to help people do the right thing and save the animals.
How can you help?

Tell our local commissioners that this is not okay. Let them know how important the voucher program is, and how important it is to you that we stop putting down innocent animals.

Click here to send a pre-written email to Hillsborough County Commissioners.

Or send an email of your own through their web site.

You can also call the commissioners. Find out what district you are in here and click here for a list of commissioners by district. Call (813) 272-5660 and ask to speak to your commissioner.

Thank you for caring, and for lending your voice to help the animals – and the people – of our community.


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