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Over 400 cats fixed last weekend at neuter-a-thon!

We’re proud to have fixed just over 400 male cats for $5 each at our annual neuter-a-thon on February 19 & 20. Special thanks to the eight veterinarians and 50 volunteer staff that helped make the event happen. The winners of the prize for the biggest “family jewels.” were two brothers, numbers 217 and 218. Both were feral cats who were trapped and brought in by Barbara Jackson, whose grandmother takes care of the cats. “I’m taking home the [prize] basket for the boys to share, but I think I’ll just tell grandma that they won a raffle,” said Barbara.

Participants were very happy with the opportunity to have this important surgery done at such a low cost. The cats are recovering well, and the community was overwhelmed at the service they received. We have also decided that each of the cats fixed during the event will receive a $5 discount postcard for any of the already low cost items you can purchase at the ACT clinic, including shots and flea and heartworm prevention. With the $5 cost of surgery and $5 coupon going back to the cats that means this one was on us!

Because of the event, a few hundred more people understand the importance of spaying and neutering their pets, and a few hundred less cats are in the community producing unwanted litters that eventually end up in our local shelters. Thanks to all who participated!


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