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$5 Neuter-a-thon

ACT is bringing back our $5 neuter-a-thon!

Get your male cat(s) fixed for $5 on February 19 and 20.

Pre-registration required. Call 813-250-1234 for an appointment.

Grand prize for the cat with the largest “family jewels.” (Don’t ask us how we’ll know!)

The event is being sponsored in part by the Doris Day Foundation and in recognition of the HSUS’s National Spay Day. Your donation can help us fix even more cats. Click here to make an online donation. Write “neuter-a-thon” in the comments box.

For more information about the ACT Spay/Neuter Clinic, including directions, visit us at:

Why should you neuter your cat? Spaying or neutering is one of the best things you can do for your pet. It eliminates or reduces the risk of several kinds of cancer and makes your pet an overall healthier companion. Neutering your cat reduces aggression and solves other behavior issues such as spraying and marking. It does not make your pet fat, lazy, miserable or lethargic. It also helps eliminate the ultimate tragedy – the number of unwanted pets being born in our community. Last year, almost 30,000 animals were euthanized in Hillsborough County due to overpopulation. Two cats and their offspring could easily turn into a colony of 16 within a year. Be a part of the solution – spay or neuter your pet!


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