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Free Heartworm test with spay/neuter surgery in April

We’re offering a free heartworm test with every dog spay/neuter surgery during the month of April, 2009. Surgery includes a pain injection, antibiotic injections and anesthesia. Rabies vaccinations and other services are available at regular low prices. Dogs already tested can receive a discount toward already low‐priced heartworm preventative by providing proof of the test. Call the clinic at (813) 250‐3900 to reserve an appointment, or visit for prices and additional information.

What is Heartworm disease?
Heartworm disease involves worms that get into a dog’s heart, and is transmitted between dogs through mosquitoes. Threat of the disease is constant in Florida because of the heat. Heartworm is completely preventable with a monthly pill or chew. The American Heartworm Society estimates only 55% of dogs in the U.S. are on heartworm preventative, leaving an estimated 275,000 dogs in Hillsborough County at risk of acquiring the deadly disease.

Get your dog tested today!

More information:


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$10 Feral Fix

Are you feeding feral cats? For a limited time, you can get them fixed for $10 at the ACT Clinic.  We’re offering a $10 spay or neuter special for feral cats brought into our monthly SpayDay WHILE FUNDS LAST. Cost includes the loan fee for a trap, training on how to trap if needed, surgery, pain injection, flea treatment, antibiotic and dewormer if needed and discharge instructions. Cats’ ears will be tipped to identify them as feral.

SpayDay is a program that takes place on the second Sunday of each month. Caretakers trap feral cats and bring them in to be fixed.

The next SpayDay is April 12.Call 813-818-9381 to schedule an appointment.

What are feral cats?
What is trap-neuter-return?

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ACT employees will stomp grapes at Festa Italiana March 29

grapessmCheer on the ACT employees at Festa Italiana’s Grape Stomp Sunday, March 29 beginning at 1:30 pm in Ybor City.

The team, appropriately named “The Litter Patrol,” will stomp 15 pounds of grapes in hopes of winning $350 for ACT. The team collecting the most juice in their barrol wins.

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Neutering may prevent dog bites

We already know that spaying or neutering is one of the best things you can do for your pet, but here’s another reason why: to prevent dog bites. Dog bites and aggression are getting lots of national attention with the recent Michael Vick incident (Best Friends Animal Society  is doing an awesome job rehabilitating these dogs!), and the issue is also appearing more and more locally. But, a lot of people don’t realize that something as simple as neutering your dog can prevent the type of aggression that leads a dog to bite.

Check out this article in today’s St. Petersburg Times pointing out the benefits of neutering to prevent dog bites. 

Contact the ACT Clinic for more information or to schedule an appointment: 813-250-3900. During March, we are offering $1 rabies vaccination with every spay or neuter surgery.

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$1 Rabies vaccination with spay/neuter in March

Be a clever little leprechaun and save some green this St. Patrick’s day. We’re offering rabies vaccinations for $1 with each spay or neuter surgery during the month of March, 2009. Surgery includes a pain injection, antibiotic injections and anesthesia. Other services are available at regular low prices.  Call the clinic at (813) 250-3900 to reserve an appointment, or visit for prices and additional information.

Rabies is a disease found in dogs and cats (among other animals) that is fatal, yet completely preventable through vaccinations. Rabies vaccinations also prevent animals from transmitting the disease to people. They are also legally required and are necessary to register your dog or cat for the county license.

For more information, visit or call (813) 250-3900.

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ACT fixed 506 cats in 2 days!

neuterthon12506 Males Cats were fixed during our two day neuter-a-thon event February 21 and 22 at th clinic. An additional 64 dogs and cats were fixed the following week at prices ranging from $5 – $55, all with help from the Doris Day Animal Foundation and Humane Society of the United States. “You should do this more often,” said Linda Arlington, a caregiver whose heart outweighs her funds. “I have been watching my cat family grow because I could not afford to fix them.”

We also ran a promotional contest and awarded a year’s worth of cat food plus a scratching post and toys to the cat with the largest “family jewels.” The prize went to Moose, a shiny black tom cat whose jewels weighed in at 3.3 oz.  His owner, Jenny Jocvick, also received a bottle of fine wine and a box of chocolates. “It’s good to know he won’t be anyone else’s daddy,” said Jenny. “I wasn’t thinking about the contest, but I’m not surprised [he won]. He was all boy! He still is, but he’s even sweeter now.” It’s a common misconception that getting your cat fixed will change its behavior for the worst, but most people find their cats are actually calmer and more loving companions.

neuterthon41The ACT Clinic has regular low prices for spay/neuter surgeries and weekly low cost shot clinics. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call: 813-250-3900 or visit:

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ACT wins “crappiest web site” contest

Thanks to J. Allan Studios, a local writing and design studio in St. Petersburg, for choosing ACT for their “crappiest web site” contest! We knew it wasn’t the greatest, but we had no idea it was bad enough to win a competition. But hey, if it means getting a new site design – we’ll take it!

The contest includes a complete redesign of our web site. Stay tuned for a new and improved site coming soon!

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