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Give the Gift of Love this Holiday Season

PhotobucketWe’re hosting our second annual Lights of Love Christmas tree, which is an opportunity to honor someone special this holiday season. Standing at 7 feet tall, the tree will be on display during December and January in the lobby of ACT’s Spay/Neuter Clinic at 1719 W. Lemon St. in Tampa. It will be lit with white lights and accented by red celebration lights and green memorial lights, as well as ornaments, snowflakes and angels. Donors may purchase a light in memory or honor of a loved one (four-legged or two-legged). Endowed lights are also available, which will shine year after year.

Lights may be purchased for a $10 donation to the clinic, and acknowledgment cards will be sent to those being honored. The tree will remain lit throughout the season, and the names of those being honored will be displayed in the clinic lobby and on the website.

Lights of Love is a great holiday gift for our pet-loving family, friends, children, teachers and coworkers, as well as to honor or memorialize a beloved cat or dog. Funds raised will further ACT’s mission to end needless euthanasia of dogs and cats in Tampa Bay.

Visit our web site for an order form, or for more information, call the ACT clinic at 813-250-3900.

We also have gift certificates for clinic services. Certificates can be used for spay/neuter surgery, annual shots or flea and heartworm preventative. They are available online in pre-determined amounts, or by calling or visiting the ACT Clinic at: 813-250-3900.


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“Fix One Get One” December Specials

The Animal Coalition of Tampa (ACT) Spay/Neuter Clinic is offering “Fix One Get One” (FOGO) specials during the month of December. Get one animal fixed, and the second surgery is FREE! The second surgery must be equal or lesser cost. Surgery includes pain medication injection and anesthesia. Rabies vaccinations and other services are available at regular low prices. Call the clinic at (813) 250‐3900 to reserve an appointment, or visit for prices and additional information.

In 2007, nearly 25,000 animals were euthanized in Hillsborough County due to overpopulation. The ACT Clinic was founded in 2006 to put an end to this tragedy by providing quality, affordable and accessible opportunities for people to spay and neuter their companion animals. Over 9,600 animals have been fixed at the clinic to date.

“The most loving thing you can do for your pet is to spay or neuter,” says Linda Hamilton, Executive Director of ACT. “A fixed dog or cat lives a longer and healthier life and is happier and more affectionate. Chances of cancer are eliminated or greatly decreased, and unwanted litters don’t add to an already‐overpopulated world.”

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, visit or call (813) 250‐3900.

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