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The Gift of a Healthy Pet

One of the biggest questions this holiday season is: “What is the perfect
gift?”. The Animal Coalition of Tampa (ACT) is here to help! Now, not only
does ACT offer Snip ‘N Chip, ACT also has gift cards!!

Give the gift of a healthier pet this holiday season and help stop animal
overpopulation! What better gift than one that will help our favorite furry
friends live longer lives and with the convenience of an ACT gift card?
Gift cards are available for $20, $40 and $95.

Snip ‘N Chip offers free microchipping with any spay/neuter surgery. ACT
also provides microchipping for $20 if your pet has already been fixed.

Snip N Chip is part of ACT’s way of making your life easier. Now, ACT’s
Neuter Scooter can pick up your pet from specified locations and your pet can be
spayed/neutered and mircrochipped at the same time! Don’t forget the low

Has having a microchip helped anyone to find their pet again? We’d love to
hear your stories!!


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Santa Says SNIP ‘N CHIP Pets this Holiday Season

Santa Says “SNIP ‘N CHIP” Pets this Holiday Season

This low-cost gift will help ensure your pet is safely at “Home for the

The Animal Coalition of Tampa (ACT) is offering a unique holiday gift this
December for the pet that has almost everything. Snip ‘n Chip is a
combination of low-cost spay/neuter plus a microchip for permanent
identification. Pets that have these two procedures are protected and will
live a longer, healthier life.

So what exactly is Snip N’ Chip? The “Snip” refers to spaying or neutering
the pet to prevent unwanted litters and provides other health benefits that
will lengthen a pet’s life and improve some negative behaviors.

The “Chip” refers to implanting a microchip for permanent identification. A
microchip provides a lifetime form of identification that cannot be altered,
and the procedure is similar to a vaccination. It just takes seconds. .

So, if your pet has already been ‘snipped’, but you would still like to get
in on the ‘chip’, no sweat! Microchipping will be available for $20 from
ACT for this holiday season.

Microchipping is essential as hundreds of thousands of pets go missing each
year. Holidays can be a hectic time for pets, as guests come and go, and
holiday festivities take place. Also, year-round emergency situations, such
as a car accident or hurricane can separate you from your four-legged friend
in a matter of seconds.

ABOUT ACT: ACT is a non-profit organization. Their primary focus is high
volume spay/neuter programs to reduce the high number of companion animals
entering local shelters, and in turn, limit euthanasia. *Spay/neuter costs
at ACT are greatly reduced and range from $40 to $95. *For low income
Hillsborough County residents who qualify, the cost is merely $10 through
the County’s voucher program.

*certain restrictions apply

ACT Spay Neuter Clinic: 813-250-3900 or visit:

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