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Halloween: A frightening time for animals

Halloween can be a frightening time for animals.

Many people love the fun of Halloween and want to include their pets, but it
can be a frightening, stressful holiday for animals.

Isolated and random events that may cast a lasting spell on dogs and cats
tend to converge on Halloween. Ringing doorbells, lots of candy,
high-pitched yelling or screaming, and clothing that covers a stranger’s
eyes or head can all be disconcerting to pet – especially when they’re
experienced together on the same night.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something less to worry about?

This Halloween, give your pet a ‘treat’ with spay/neuter. Not only will
this help them lead happier, healthier lives by avoiding illnesses such
as cancer, but it will also help our community.

Last year, nearly 30,000 pets were euthanized in Hillsborough County alone.
This figure provided by the Hillsborough County government statistics can be
a ‘scary’ thing to think about around Halloween. Shelters just don’t have
enough homes for our pet overpopulation crises.

We want to hear about your experience with spay/neuter…do you think it is
important? Have you had your pet spayed/neutered? How do you feel about

Thank you and have a safe Halloween!


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What the fall season means for pets

The changing of the seasons means changes for our pets too. During the fall
season, stray pets in particular face cooler temperatures, hunger due to the
people who normally feed them going on vacation (i.e. Thanksgiving etc.),
and much more.

Nearly 30,000 pets were euthanized in Hillsborough county alone, last year
because of a pet overpopulation crisis. Having your pet or stray pets
spayed/neutered will prevent unplanned births, and more pets entering
shelters, therefore preventing euthanasia.

Do you see stray cats or dogs around your neighborhood? What would motivate
you to bring them to a clinic for spaying/neutering? Why would or wouldn’t you have your
pet spayed/neutered?

We’re a non-profit group trying to prevent euthanasia for pets. We
appreciate your time in responding.

Thanks so much!

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Stride for Strays

Grab your sneakers and your leash! Here?s an event that you can really ?Stride? for ? the 6th Annual Stride for Strays, a Pet Walk and community event.

The event is from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, November 4 at Al Lopez Park in Tampa. Participate in the fun activities including flyball, frisbee, face painting, a pet wash, contests for best trick, pet/owner look-a-like and more! There will also be festive entertainment and an amateur agility course.

The event is a critical fundraiser for ACT and a great way to get active in the community. Proceeds will further the low-cost spay/neuter services ACT provides our community, in their effort to curtail pet overpopulation.

Nearly 30,000 pets were euthanized in Hillsborough County alone last year, according to Hillsborough County government statistics.

Not only will participants be helping pets in our community, but they are eligible for great prizes including a private suite for a Tampa Bay Devil Rays game, MP3 player or portable DVD player with 7? LCD screen, week long vacation at Calypso Cay in Orlando, tickets to Oscar?s Night, Best Buy certificate, Big Cat Rescue Day Tour and more!

Interested folks can register or get team information, visit or call (813) 966-7766. Click here to go to Stride for Strays website

STRIDE FOR STRAYS – Saturday, November 4
WHO: Animal Coalition of Tampa presents the 6th Annual Stride for Strays
WHAT: Pet Walk for Pets and their People!
WHY: Individuals and teams collect donations that help ACT work towards an end to pet overpopulation. There will be prizes, entertainment, demonstrations, and fun-filled activities such as flyball, Frisbee, a pet wash and contests for best trick and pet/owner look-a-like and more!
WHEN: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, November 4
WHERE: Al Lopez Park, 4810 North Himes Ave in Tampa

Stride For Strays – Getting Started:
1. Register yourself and recruit your team walkers.
2. Have your team walkers register.
3. Give each walker a little information on the event and ACT,its history and current projects.
4. Give each walker a brochure (in print) and flyer. Printed materials may be picked up at the ACT Spay/Neuter clinic. Call (813) 250-3900.
5 . Give each walker a Donation Collection Form so they can start asking for support for their involvement.
6. Post a team flier at your company.
7. Send e-mails to people you know requesting their support. If you have rescued an animal, it’s very effective for your pet to write the request and tell his story about how a similar group saved his life. Don’t forget to attach his picture!
8. Hold a bake sale, potluck, garage sale or other small fundraiser to raise some of the donation monies. Its always easier to raise money if you have something to offer!Stride for Strays

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On October 2, the Animal Coalition of Tampa (ACT) received a $15K grant to help start a new spay/neuter program, “The Big Fix”. This program offers further reduced spay/neuter fees for working class families.

ACT received the $15,000 award after applying for a grant from the Florida Animal Friends License Plates Fund—supported by the sales of Florida’s specialty Spay/Neuter auto tags. The grant ACT submitted outlined research that showed a need to assist working class families with spay/neuter services for their pets.

“Our research showed many in the working class did not qualify for the county funded program that offers help to those on social assistance. The working class families had little left over to spend to do the right thing for their pets.” said Linda Hamilton, executive director of ACT.

“The Big Fix” provides spay/neuter surgeries for cats for $20, and dogs for $55. This price is even lower than ACT’s already reduced spay/neuter procedures offered to the public.

WHY “THE BIG FIX”? Last year, over 33,000 unwanted dogs and cats were admitted into our county shelters. More than 80% of them were euthanized, according to Hillsborough County statistics.

“We as a community have to stop taking our animals to the shelters. We have to stop killing our unwanted pets. We can prevent euthanasia by stopping the unwanted births-with spay and neuter.” said Hamilton.

HOW TO QUALIFY: “It’s as easy as finding out if your housing costs are more than 30-percent of your total household income,” said Hamilton. “Applicants simply need provide a Florida drivers license or Florida ID card and proof of housing costs and income.” For more information about the program, call (813) 250-3900 or visit

ABOUT ACT: ACT is a non-profit organization. Their primary focus is high volume spay/neuter programs to reduce the number of companion animals entering local shelters, and in turn, limit euthanasia. *Spay/neuter costs at ACT are greatly reduced and range from $40 to $95. *For low income Hillsborough County residents who qualify, the cost is merely $10, through the County’s voucher program. *Certain restrictions apply

Get your “ACT” together and help ACT continue to help pets in our community by registering for their 6th Annual Stride for Strays community event and pet walk, taking place on Saturday, November 4 at Al Lopez Park in Tampa. Individuals and teams collect donations that help ACT work towards an end to pet overpopulation. There will be prizes, entertainment, demonstrations and fun-filled activities such as flyball, Frisbee, a pet wash and contests for best trick and pet/owner look-alike and more!

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